Welcome to Internet Central

Internet Central is a full service National Internet Service Provider (ISP), doing business since 1991.

We provide three levels of service to give you everything you need for a particular type of use. The three levels of service are priced as follows:

Service Levels

Basic Service

Basic Service includes full support for your computers and the Internet:

Service Features
Technical Support All-inclusive Internet and computer support
Macintosh, Windows, Unix and mobile devices
Intelligent and respectful
Get everything working the way you want
Expert instruction, by phone or email
On-Call Administration We administer your various services for you
No need to mess with complicated “c-panels”
Technical Advocacy Product recommendations tailored to your needs
Discuss the pros and cons of various options
Make informed decisions
Improve the quality of the services you choose
Help you negotiate with suppliers
Security Consulting Safeguard your identity
Recognize scams and poor investments
Maintain privacy
Backup and protect your data
Computer and network security
Seamless Integration Use one computer or many
Keep using your old equipment and new
Mix and match Internet companies as you choose
We’ll help you get it all working together
Email Choose your email address
All the space you need—big attachments not a problem
Artificial intelligence spam blocking
Customized spam blocking
Standard email protocols for your choice of software
Email encrypted for privacy by default
Works with any computer, mobile device or cellphone

Extended Service

Extended Service includes all of Basic Service, plus the following:

Service Features
Multiple Email Addresses Choose your email addresses
One or more mailbox per email address
One or more email address per mailbox
Use different email addresses for different purposes
Use them yourself or give them to people you trust
Multiple Subdomains
Custom Host Names
Choose your names
Within your own domain or oo.net
Works for email, web addresses, etc
Example: email@subdomain.oo.net
URL Shortening Rename Internet addresses to be more convenient
Within your own domain or oo.net
Dynamic Name Service Run static services from a dynamic connection

Hosting Service

Hosting Service includes all of Extended Service, plus the following:

Service Features
Web Hosting
Choose your address or addresses
As many sites as you need
All the space you need
Easily design and edit your sites
Secure access to all your data
Lots of options for ease and flexibility

Additional Services

These services may be added to any of the three service levels detailed above:

Service Features Cost
Private Domain You own your Internet addresses $15/mo
Project Consulting In-depth consulting on specific projects $150/hr
Internet Access
Quality Speed $ per
DSL Best Maximum
We don’t limit
Dialup Standard 56k 10
64k 25
128k 50